Friday, August 19, 2016

Peru - Final thoughts

So we have been back for  awhile now...Enough time has passed  to have actually returned the suitcases to their actual storage place, get the clothes washed, the gadgets returned and just generally return to home mode.

Four of us left and (the same) four of us returned. Victory! Slowly, we have slipped the mantle of our old selves and routines back on.  In some ways, as we return to our regular routines and walk around in our regular Canada Skins, our time in Peru and our Peru Selves seem so far away. Another way of looking at it though is,  that as times passes,  the experience has sort of settled  down into our bones and is now just a part of who we are...the trip has settled into our experiential DNA.

As we  reflect on our trip, I think we all agree that we had quite an adventure.  And we were able to live it with very few mishaps- no robberies, danger, menacing, etc. Just this lovely time of being together, seeing new places, and learning about ourselves and our place in the world. I  have joked that the trip gets better with each retelling, which is a little funny, but also a lot true.

Thanks to all of you who followed our travels, commented on the blog and have allowed us to retell our stories.

How lucky we are.